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CIPD Package Creation and Upload Procedure

These steps assume the creation of the arm64 CIPD package as an example. Because the package requires a path from the output directory of the build, the gn gen arguments must match the prescribed path declared in cipd_arm64.yaml in order for this CIPD package creation and upload to succeed.

Create CIPD Package

cipd create -pkg-def=cipd_arm64.yaml

Set CIPD Ref of latest

If applicable, set latest ref to new CIPD package.

cipd set-ref skia/fuchsia/skqp/arch/arm64 -ref latest -version mdhS7sryb2zxQuXT803Dv_XZ0r7B5j8jSbZmIi0JvOcC

Set the git-commit Tag

cipd set-tag skia/fuchsia/skqp/arch/arm64 -tag=git-commit:9c2b7cfe9080c6c4692234667a671db216a2e229 -version mdhS7sryb2zxQuXT803Dv_XZ0r7B5j8jSbZmIi0JvOcC