[graphite][vello] Incorporate stroke rework changes

- Roll the Vello repository dependecy to pull in the stroke rework and
  MSAA changes. Update the C++ bridge to reflect the resource buffer and
  shader pipeline changes. Expose a new stroke style data structure.

- Update VelloComputeStep definitions and VelloRenderer to execute the
  new pipeline sequence.

- Bridge the new stroke encoding and remove the special casing in
  VelloRenderer.cpp. The Rust bridge currently defaults to CPU stroke
  expansion until b/322232940 gets fixed.

- Bump the GlobalCache compute pipeline count.

- Roll DEPS third_party/vello ee3a076b..e04b6028:

e04b602 2024-01-16      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #421 from linebender/stroke-rework-crates-update
f27c281 2024-01-16      Arman Uguray            cargo fmt
45aec1c 2024-01-16      Arman Uguray            [shaders] Don't apply force_rw_storage to fine
ae087d1 2024-01-16      Arman Uguray            [shaders] Export fine AA permutations
a76e4b8 2024-01-16      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Move sample mask LUT utilities to vello_encoding
2caedc1 2024-01-12      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Update WorkgroupSizes and BufferSizes structures
f7b70c6 2024-01-12      Arman Uguray            [path_count] Remove unused `config` buffer binding
bd235d7 2024-01-09      Daniel McNab            Use the new syntaces for GitHub Flavoured Markdown (#420)
0dd9ed2 2023-12-20      Nathan                  Fixed fine.wgsl literal errors (#418)
3f24d8c 2023-12-06      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #415 from linebender/stroke-flatten-cpu
fe75059 2023-12-05      Arman Uguray            Address review comments; fix arc flattening logic
9732854 2023-12-05      Daniel McNab            Update to wgpu 0.18 (#398)
097006d 2023-12-01      Arman Uguray            fix clippy lints
3b952c0 2023-12-01      Arman Uguray            [encoding][math] Add more tests for f16 conversion
48521ba 2023-11-22      Arman Uguray            [cpu_shaders][flatten] cargo fmt & clippy warnings
1e30be1 2023-11-22      Arman Uguray            [cpu_shaders][flatten] Incorporate stroke expansion changes
8e79c48 2023-11-22      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Add a f16_to_f32 utility
f34d383 2023-11-21      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #414 from linebender/gpu-strokes-2-caps-and-round-join
6e6d02a 2023-11-21      Arman Uguray            Add additional documentation around `flatten_arc`
bae1d1a 2023-11-17      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Fix infinite arc subdivision case
ab9dd6a 2023-11-16      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Support cap styles
bac1799 2023-11-14      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Implement round join style
d29a503 2023-11-15      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Simplify Cubic representation
4ac2db3 2023-11-21      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #412 from linebender/gpu-strokes-1-cpu-dashing
8001151 2023-11-21      Arman Uguray            Address review comments
b360513 2023-11-15      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Do not encode zero-length path segments
c5b08d0 2023-11-15      Arman Uguray            Add a dashing column to stroke_styles scene
ab35ce5 2023-11-14      Arman Uguray            [encoding] CPU-side dashing for GPU strokes
4eb0f51 2023-11-21      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #410 from linebender/stroke-join-styles
a697c93 2023-11-19      Daniel McNab            Add better error handling for downloads (#405)
deac798 2023-11-18      Tristan Kobusch         fix the size for the "Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia" svg (#413)
d4fd839 2023-11-15      Arman Uguray            Address review comment about indexing into the result of unpack
2de6c49 2023-11-14      Arman Uguray            Address review comments; document flattening
4f84ac1 2023-11-14      Arman Uguray            Increase skew factor in stroke styles test
a86e827 2023-11-10      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes] Add skew and non-uniform transform variants of stroke_styles
42e7692 2023-11-10      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Changes to transform handling
35fdf1e 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            [flatten]: Implement miter join
e6c5bcf 2023-11-13      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #408 from linebender/gpu-shitty-strokes
7a122b6 2023-11-13      Arman Uguray            Style and comment fixes in the WGSL
eded0a1 2023-11-13      Arman Uguray            Address review comments
3df413a 2023-11-09      Arman Uguray            [flatten] Settle on a consistent vector normalization scheme
24681fa 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            Minor documentation and cleanup to zero-length tangent detection
1f5a93d 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            Keep GPU stroking off by default
83359c5 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            Minor cleanup in flatten.wgsl
deba7c8 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            Update closed stroke tests
13810b8 2023-11-08      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Eliminate zero-length start segments
73dd128 2023-11-07      Arman Uguray            Update caps and joins to use the new stroke cap marker encoding
08fc286 2023-11-07      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Implement stroke cap marker segment encoding
f72a066 2023-11-07      Arman Uguray            Add closed paths to the stroke styles test scene
e2f63bd 2023-10-30      Arman Uguray            Shitty offset curves for GPU stroke scaffolding
28914d6 2023-11-02      Bruce Mitchener         Use semicolons more when nothing is returned.
78aa9e8 2023-11-06      Nixon                   Update `with_bevy` demo package (#406)
a91a4db 2023-11-05      Bruce Mitchener         Fix comment typo.
ec8867a 2023-11-02      Bruce Mitchener         ci: Update to `actions/checkout@v4`.
f5b78f1 2023-11-02      Bruce Mitchener         docs: Various linking / formatting fixes.
7a2271d 2023-11-02      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #401 from linebender/tile_relative
5a9ddf4 2023-11-01      Raph Levien             Add comments to help explain msaa logic
9861e50 2023-11-01      Raph Levien             Unbreak CI
ce0abff 2023-11-01      Raph Levien             Antialiasing fixes
b6e90a9 2023-11-01      Raph Levien             Test code for msaa
1e7f850 2023-11-01      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #400 from linebender/dynamic-aa-setting
876a934 2023-11-01      Arman Uguray            Fix unused warning with the headless example
1efb3a5 2023-11-01      Arman Uguray            MSAA config: address last round of comments
ea29d30 2023-10-31      Arman Uguray            Change `preferred_antialiasing_method` setting to a struct
fba8317 2023-10-31      Arman Uguray            MSAA config: address review comments
42f1246 2023-10-30      Arman Uguray            Support setting AA method dynamically
ddca7c5 2023-10-11      John Kåre Alsaker       Build only needed shaders with `--cpu`
6f2a83e 2023-10-30      Raph Levien             Move numerical robustness into tiling
faf288a 2023-10-30      Raph Levien             Change to tile-relative segment coordinates
6dd71dd 2023-10-31      Raph Levien             Add test scene to trigger numerical robustness issues
ffe89e1 2023-10-31      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #399 from linebender/gpu-stroke-rework-contd
4d24ce3 2023-10-31      Arman Uguray            Incorporate review feedback wrt even-odd handling in coarse
7a84914 2023-10-31      Arman Uguray            [coarse] Remove branch conditionals in even-odd handling
3fab38a 2023-10-30      Raph Levien             Fixes to winding number accumulation (#391)
161a31c 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            Add fill-rule tests with blends
d17dd70 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            [cpu_shaders} Correctly write PTCL commands for even-odd fill
64b8946 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            [cpu_shaders] Support even-odd fill rule in coarse
c3c6df0 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            Encode fill rule in "draw flags" and fully abandon "linewidth"
b5e3ae5 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #389 from linebender/gpu-stroke-rework
a6b3f23 2023-10-27      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Minor style fixes
fb14961 2023-10-21      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Replace linewidth stream with the new style encoding
216ecce 2023-10-21      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes] fill_type scene
2896cd4 2023-10-20      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Introduce the "Style" object
db53ff4 2023-10-18      Arman Uguray            [encoding] Added a f32->f16 conversion utility
1aed7fb 2023-10-27      Zoxc                    Merge pull request #382 from Zoxc/dx12-tweak
d795e20 2023-10-11      John Kåre Alsaker       Pass the return of `fill_path` in a pointer
c9faf2d 2023-10-26      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #397 from linebender/blocky
37459da 2023-10-26      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #396 from linebender/kurbo_0_10_4
fc06a92 2023-10-25      Raph Levien             Fix blocky artifacts in area aa
a0cb56b 2023-10-25      Raph Levien             Fix strokes by updating kurbo dep
9a6ef95 2023-10-25      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #395 from linebender/broken_js_deps2
f937baf 2023-10-25      Raph Levien             Disable download feature on wasm
0e998df 2023-10-24      Zoxc                    Merge pull request #387 from Zoxc/wasm-fix
a295371 2023-10-19      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #388 from armansito/pr-stroke-tests
d538f65 2023-10-17      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes] Add stroke test cases for miter limit
adcb50b 2023-10-17      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes] Tests scenes for strokes
84fe030 2023-10-17      Arman Uguray            Merge pull request #370 from armansito/pr-longpathdash
0a58f3c 2023-10-14      John Kåre Alsaker       Fix shader compilation on Chrome
3360f88 2023-10-12      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #385 from linebender/robust_line
714fde9 2023-10-12      Raph Levien             Improve numerical robustness of conservative line rasterization
4edf786 2023-10-11      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #377 from linebender/multi2
2c0ef60 2023-10-11      Raph Levien             Address review feedback
2f36411 2023-10-09      Raph Levien             Add multisampled antialiasing
9bdbb10 2023-10-11      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #374 from linebender/cpu_shader
3a43538 2023-10-11      Raph Levien             Address review feedback
99f92eb 2023-10-10      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes} Stroke cap variants of longpathdash
5080af0 2023-10-10      Raph Levien             Fix pathtag limit, add unlicense
87b2703 2023-10-06      Arman Uguray            [test_scenes] Port longpathdash test case from Skia
4b646dc 2023-10-09      Daniel McNab            Implement a workaround for "Map callback was leaked" (#375)
d2c2a26 2023-09-19      Raph Levien             Add CPU shaders
1ef6724 2023-10-07      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #369 from linebender/contig_tiling
b46609d 2023-10-06      Raph Levien             Add documentation of ClipBic
79d4fd9 2023-10-06      Raph Levien             Address review feedback
7220ce6 2023-10-05      Raph Levien             Contiguous storage for path segments
34483eb 2023-10-05      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #368 from linebender/kurbo_stroke2
8d04306 2023-10-05      Raph Levien             Update peniko to point to main
0d8dd7b 2023-10-04      Raph Levien             Switch to CPU-side stroke encoding
2f5b343 2023-10-03      Raph Levien             Merge pull request #367 from linebender/wgpu_opt2
180e72d 2023-10-02      Raph Levien             Fix broken compile with wgpu feature disabled
bdc15c6 2023-10-02      Raph Levien             Move WGPU engine to its own module

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Bug: b/285423263
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