Revert "Better first-class shader & color filter support in runtime effects"

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> Better first-class shader & color filter support in runtime effects
> This does a few things, because they're all intertwined:
> 1) SkRuntimeEffect's API now includes details about children (which Skia
>    stage was declared, not just the name). The factories verify that the
>    declared types in the SkSL match up with the C++ types being passed.
>    Today, we still only support adding children of the same type, so the
>    checks are simple. Once we allow mixing types, we'll be testing the
>    declared type against the actual C++ type supplied for each slot.
> 2) Adds sample variants that supply the input color to the child. This
>    is now the only way to invoke a colorFilter child. Internally, we
>    support passing a color when invoking a child shader, but I'm not
>    exposing that. It's not clearly part of the semantics of the Skia
>    pipeline, and is almost never useful. It also exposes users to
>    several inconsistencies (
> 3) Because of #2, it's possible that we can't compute a reusable program
>    to filter individual colors. In that case, we don't set the constant
>    output for constant input optimization, and filterColor4f falls back
>    to the slower base-class implementation.
> Bug: skia:11813 skia:11942
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