Roll Dawn from 166c9d5d561d to 0a7ce7cacd1b (17 revisions)

2024-05-15 Roll ANGLE from df2e7bd7c99e to 1409a05a81e3 (7 revisions)
2024-05-15 [dawn][fuzzer] Skip setting Vulkan debug name when device is destroyed.
2024-05-15 [wgpu-headers] Introduce 2nd userdata to popErrorScope callback.
2024-05-15 Add expectations for failing tests on Dawn -> Chromium rolls
2024-05-15 Use the max signaled value of pending fences in BeginAccess
2024-05-14 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from f9389db7c34d to 8fe99be640a1 (5 revisions)
2024-05-14 [msl] const-qualify many things in printer
2024-05-14 [tint][ast] Fix DirectVariableAccess with uncalled function ptr params
2024-05-14 Activate dawn M126
2024-05-14 Roll Depot Tools from c5e2ceabe3f0 to 84798693112c (8 revisions)
2024-05-14 Add MultisampleStateExpandResolveTextureDawn chained struct.
2024-05-14 Roll vulkan-deps from af34cd975650 to e25f9bb7a149 (5 revisions)
2024-05-14 Remove ASSERT that encoding only produces validation errors
2024-05-14 Roll ANGLE from decf0e9d4297 to df2e7bd7c99e (8 revisions)
2024-05-14 Fixup doxygen issues
2024-05-14 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from f6d175959760 to f9389db7c34d (1 revision)
2024-05-14 OpenGL: fix spurious EGLSync on queue destruction.

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