Roll ANGLE from 5d294e6e34ff to ff03a7b193da (11 revisions)

2024-04-02 CL/VK: Program build_status & mCallback fixes
2024-04-02 CL/VK: Setup platform as provider of vk::Context
2024-04-02 Vulkan: Apply mask during transition search
2024-04-02 GL: Fix MultisampledRenderToTexture tests and expectations
2024-04-02 Optimize WebGL clear type validation
2024-04-02 CL/VK: Setup GlobalOps for the platform
2024-04-02 Fail link and validation of invalid tessellation program
2024-04-02 CL/VK: Select Vulkan Angle as platform
2024-04-02 Roll third_party/dawn/ 1a9f89047..66f38fda8 (569 commits; 11 trivial rolls)
2024-04-02 Roll vulkan-deps from 778a83fe011e to 3b1638b6e598 (4 revisions)
2024-04-02 Roll Chromium from 35e9d0924a4c to cf84d04c222b (372 revisions)

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