Roll Dawn from 51d873f3e0d0 to 5ddf4e5b6d97 (17 revisions)

2024-06-11 Static samplers are passed to root signature creation
2024-06-11 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from 1d196655b615 to 4b7993c78be1 (1 revision)
2024-06-11 [msl] Run binding remapper if collisions are allowed.
2024-06-10 vk: Make ExpandResolve work with AlwaysResolveIntoZeroLevelAndLayer.
2024-06-10 CTS: restore some Pixel4 expectations.
2024-06-10 Roll Depot Tools from 954a8d771345 to 927e02b156cb (1 revision)
2024-06-10 dawn.node: Use ForceLoss when failing device creation on stale adapter
2024-06-10 [YCbCr Samplers] Add some more validations for ExternalFormat
2024-06-10 dawn.node: Handle DeviceLostReason::InstanceDropped.
2024-06-10 Move ir_program_test to program_to_ir folder.
2024-06-10 Rename chromium_experimental_input_attachments
2024-06-10 Consume absl libraries as namespace targets
2024-06-10 GetCurrentTexture: Return ...Status::Error when a validation error happens
2024-06-10 Add regression test for MSL compilation failure with texture_external
2024-06-10 Fix for wrong name for Util.cpp file in build script.
2024-06-10 ShaderModuleMTL: Use expansionMap.plane0 instead of original binding.
2024-06-10 Roll ANGLE from 3a3b55f7ac9b to bb908741db33 (1 revision)

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