Revert "SkJpegCodec: Add SkJpegSourceMgr"

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> SkJpegCodec: Add SkJpegSourceMgr
> The current skjpeg_source_mgr (in SkJpegUtility.cpp/h) is effectively
> two implementations (buffered vs in-memory) controlled via if
> statements.
> Turn these into two implementations of a pure virtual interface
> SkJpegSourceMgr. The reason for this it that there will be a third
> interface added for buffered non-seekable sources (which will
> run an SkJpegSegmentScanner on the data as it is read).
> Leave the pre-existing skjpeg_source_mgr in place because it may
> be used in other places. It will be removed separately.
> Bug: skia:14031
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Bug: skia:14031
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