Reland "align skvx::Vec<N,T> to N*sizeof(T)"

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PS1 is the original, so best to diff against that.
This is the original with compiler workarounds.

Original change's description:
> align skvx::Vec<N,T> to N*sizeof(T)
> This increases the alignment of these vector types.  I would have liked
> to keep the alignment minimal, but it's probably no big deal either way.
> In terms of code generation, it doesn't make much difference for x86 or
> ARMv8, but it seems hugely important for good ARMv7 NEON code.  It's a
> ~10x difference for the bench I've been playing around with that spends
> most of its time in that SkOpts::blit_row_color32 routine.
> Bug: chromium:952502
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Bug: chromium:952502
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