Revert "Move all YUVA image creation in GMs into sk_gpu_test::LazyYUVImage."

This reverts commit db0288d747ae84e8cfb577f70953c1d56eb78110.

Reason for revert: undeclared tuple size

Original change's description:
> Move all YUVA image creation in GMs into sk_gpu_test::LazyYUVImage.
> LazyYUVImage now supports making images from a generator and from
> textures. It uses ManagedBackendTexture to manage texture plane
> lifetime via ref-counting.
> Adds some supporting utility functions to SkYUVAInfo and
> SkYUVAPixmaps.
> Eases transition of forthcoming MakeFromYUVATextures API change.
> Bug: skia:10632
> Change-Id: I8cfd747c27076d1627da6ea8a169e554a96049e0
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> Reviewed-by: Robert Phillips <>
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Bug: skia:10632
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