Revert "Add a direct context arg to makeColorTypeAndColorSpace"

This reverts commit a56da9ee923c5f09ed9b97a83e250400b3c78deb.

Reason for revert: UBSAN complains in Vulkan OOPRDDL mode

Original change's description:
> Add a direct context arg to makeColorTypeAndColorSpace
> This is part of a larger effort to de-power SkImage and force users to
> specify the GPU context for all new images.
> Staging flag landed in Chrome CL 2296632.
> Bug: skia:10466
> Change-Id: I6b7bbec10369f7d8ee884dd1bcc234d332c30a6c
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> Commit-Queue: Adlai Holler <>
> Reviewed-by: Brian Salomon <>
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Bug: skia:10466
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