Roll Dawn from c7e156fb7b8f to ff2b5e441cc7 (27 revisions)

2022-11-24 Roll ANGLE from 494640e54bf3 to 541cdcbf094f (10 revisions)
2022-11-24 Dawn: Require both DXC compiler and validator version being 1.6 or higher
2022-11-24 Release D3D12 command queue in Device::DestroyImpl
2022-11-23 tint: const eval of transpose builtin
2022-11-23 Roll third_party/webgpu-cts/ 23c3bebbd..95541299f (6 commits)
2022-11-23 Update parser to match * and & spec change.
2022-11-23 Add tools/src/cmd/git-stats
2022-11-23 tint/utils: Make Hashmap::Find() safer to use
2022-11-23 tint/transform: Add HoistToDeclBefore::VariableKind
2022-11-23 tint: Suffix builtin return types with '_f32'
2022-11-23 tint: const eval of determinant builtin
2022-11-23 Roll SwiftShader from 4078f769562a to 2a5928cb17d1 (1 revision)
2022-11-23 Roll vulkan-deps from bd2c589d0d34 to 46af29f17d19 (1 revision)
2022-11-23 Remove reserved words.
2022-11-23 tint: Implement const-eval of frexp()
2022-11-23 Also reject mapAsync if the buffer is being mapped
2022-11-23 Add const-eval for `log` and `log2`.
2022-11-23 CompilationMessages: compute offsets directly to take \r\n into account.
2022-11-23 Add const-eval for `exp` and `exp2`.
2022-11-23 Add tolerances to pass several tests on Mac M1 and SwiftShader
2022-11-23 cmake: Use -Wno-poison-system-directories
2022-11-23 tint/ir: fix double-underscore in identifier
2022-11-23 tint: Add abstract overload of modf
2022-11-23 Roll ANGLE from 27727e501aee to 494640e54bf3 (3 revisions)
2022-11-23 test/tint: Expand modf end-to-end tests
2022-11-23 Ensures blob cache is always available, even if it is just a placeholder
2022-11-23 Roll SwiftShader from d34588e0d62f to 4078f769562a (1 revision)

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