Manual roll Dawn from 5ddf4e5b6d97 to 2f627f4122e4 (7 revisions)

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2024-06-11 Roll Depot Tools from 927e02b156cb to e30d8fac3437 (1 revision)
2024-06-11 OpenGLES: enable CopyTextureForBrowser tests.
2024-06-11 [hlsl] Stub out the HLSL IR backend.
2024-06-11 Roll SwiftShader from 2ff3212615da to 085997ddb08b (1 revision)
2024-06-11 Fix TSAN errors in WaitAny
2024-06-11 Roll ANGLE from bb908741db33 to 81452425d73f (11 revisions)
2024-06-11 Remove ir_to_program include from MSL printer.

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