Roll ANGLE from d55e06557bc7 to 6d3c637052ef (11 revisions)

2022-06-22 Vulkan: Fix 180 and 270 degree rotated resolve
2022-06-22 ANGLEPerfTest: Add option to disable GL debug callbacks.
2022-06-22 Tests: Add Animal Crossing trace.
2022-06-22 Ensure pls results are secure even without barriers
2022-06-22 Suppress 3 pointcoord tests on Mac Intel Metal
2022-06-22 Vulkan: Enable prerotation on multisample tests
2022-06-22 Switch Mac experimental testing to Intel
2022-06-22 Context: Limit max samples to 4 during capture.
2022-06-22 Run trace_tests on DEPS changes
2022-06-22 Roll SwiftShader from ff5356238d86 to 5cb6a639d494 (2 revisions)
2022-06-22 Roll Chromium from de4095cef87e to 19706bf6c7d2 (495 revisions)

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Test: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*animal_crossing*"
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