Roll ANGLE from 356b2a590e11 to 27727e501aee (13 revisions)

2022-11-22 Fix ProvokingVertex typos
2022-11-22 Vulkan: Add memory allocation/deallocation counter
2022-11-22 Vulkan: Retain mCurrentGraphicsPipeline if RP started
2022-11-22 Refactor validation of partial compressed texture uploads
2022-11-22 GL: Only reset transform feedback varyings when necessary.
2022-11-22 Support versioned library names
2022-11-22 Cleanup: Use XAllocSizeHints, move to helper.
2022-11-22 Vulkan: Initial support for VK_EXT_graphics_pipeline_library
2022-11-22 Perf tests: Add --fixed-test-time-with-warmup
2022-11-22 Reland "util/X11Window: Set PMinSize and PMaxSize hints."
2022-11-22 TraceTest: Route EGLSync entry points through WGL
2022-11-22 Roll vulkan-deps from a3f4f653c783 to ca8ca2aba961 (7 revisions)
2022-11-22 Roll Chromium from 26b47bd446e8 to 2e2c857c4980 (530 revisions)

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Test: Test: diablo_immortal trace
Test: Test: python3 --fixedtime 10
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