Manual roll Dawn from 37780d217965 to b10254f79f46 (38 revisions)

2024-02-12 Roll vulkan-deps from 2e6294aece33 to f53f1b6ab28e (1 revision)
2024-02-10 Roll vulkan-deps from 91655d665673 to 2e6294aece33 (1 revision)
2024-02-10 [tint][spriv] Fix SampledImage::Equal()
2024-02-10 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from afedfff5c1b6 to cadf3bfed1db (4 revisions)
2024-02-10 Roll vulkan-deps from 6c7bb72d35e0 to 91655d665673 (3 revisions)
2024-02-10 Removes unused callback mode argument to TrackEvent.
2024-02-10 Roll ANGLE from 3ad163d09102 to eaddd3baa5ed (9 revisions)
2024-02-10 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from c997ea02605d to afedfff5c1b6 (1 revision)
2024-02-10 Reland "[WGPUFuture] Implement pop error scope in wire/native with Futures."
2024-02-10 [dawn][node] Update async tasks to call ProcessEvents instead of Tick.
2024-02-09 Make the device logging callback spontaneous
2024-02-09 [tint][core] Remove abstracts and packedVec3() from core.def
2024-02-09 Implement a push constant helper class.
2024-02-09 [tint] Fix GCC error
2024-02-09 [dawn] Add missing 'const' on SystemEventAndReadyStateIterator operators
2024-02-09 [tint][utils] Add missing const to Slice equality operator
2024-02-09 [tools] Move useful code out to packages.
2024-02-09 Roll vulkan-deps from 014f44e134a1 to 6c7bb72d35e0 (2 revisions)
2024-02-09 Remove dead reference to angle_spirv_cross_dir
2024-02-09 Roll ANGLE from 475784f5a635 to 3ad163d09102 (1 revision)
2024-02-09 Roll DirectX Shader Compiler from ba0705ecb1fe to c997ea02605d (5 revisions)
2024-02-09 Roll vulkan-deps from 6a767109f66d to 014f44e134a1 (3 revisions)
2024-02-09 Suppress MaxInterStageVariables causing VVL errors.
2024-02-09 Remove condition in absl_config for cflags
2024-02-08 Roll ANGLE from f431641a9486 to 475784f5a635 (3 revisions)
2024-02-08 Compat: make BlitBufferToStencil work in compat mode with fixed view dimension
2024-02-08 d3d: Fix missing synchronization for queue writeTexture
2024-02-08 [cts] Triage occlusionQuery expectations.
2024-02-08 [tint] Improve TINT_ASSERT_ALL_FIELDS_REFLECTED()
2024-02-08 Revert "Add deprecated proxy methods."
2024-02-08 [tint][utils] Add AlignedStorage
2024-02-08 vulkan: suppress Nvidia (correctly) reported error on ShieldTV
2024-02-08 Roll third_party/webgpu-cts/ 9ce9531f0..6493b876a (3 commits)
2024-02-08 Revert "[WGPUFuture] Implement pop error scope in wire/native with Futures."
2024-02-08 [tint] Fix end-to-end tests.
2024-02-08 Roll vulkan-deps from 9cee727600a1 to 6a767109f66d (3 revisions)
2024-02-08 [WGPUFuture] Implement pop error scope in wire/native with Futures.
2024-02-08 [WGPUFutures] Fixes critical section for WaitRefs in ProcessEvents.

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