Roll Dawn from 2c36bc628cd1 to 52cc4f5d1c28 (10 revisions)

2022-08-14 Add a target for the GLFW surface helper.
2022-08-13 Roll vulkan-deps from e6cb539dad97 to 3ebe695e969a (1 revision)
2022-08-13 Roll ANGLE from 67e0c6fcc974 to 4c941149774f (5 revisions)
2022-08-12 doxygen: Skip libfuzzer header
2022-08-12 Moves sorting into `format` and out of `parse`.
2022-08-12 Roll SwiftShader from 2438c1b18a5e to a6c3e363b7a9 (1 revision)
2022-08-12 Beautify visitable structs with more helpers
2022-08-12 Roll vulkan-deps from 03dd80c1d579 to e6cb539dad97 (3 revisions)
2022-08-12 Roll ANGLE from 2ebd5100902e to 67e0c6fcc974 (4 revisions)
2022-08-12 Roll vulkan-deps from 476824373c19 to 03dd80c1d579 (9 revisions)

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