Roll third_party/externals/swiftshader 84c3a94e1450..abaecd5f2ba7 (6 commits)

git log 84c3a94e1450..abaecd5f2ba7 --date=short --no-merges --format='%ad %ae %s'
2019-04-18 VkFormat.cpp: Replace ASSERT with UNIMPLEMENTED
2019-04-18 Reactor: Add support for calling C functions.
2019-04-18 Reactor: Expose Capabilities.
2019-04-17 Reactor: Add support for printing Longs.
2019-04-17 Fix 2D texture image functions not returning  GL_INVALID_ENUM with target == GL_TEXTURE_3D
2019-04-17 Regres: Update test lists @ 84c3a94e

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  gclient setdep -r third_party/externals/swiftshader@abaecd5f2ba7

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