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> Simplify GrClip API
> Removes quickContains(SkRect), quickContains(SkRRect), and isRRect().
> Replaces these three functions with preApply() that conservatively
> determines the clip effect up to a single rrect intersection. The major
> motivation for this is the new GrClipStack implementation. preApply()
> and apply() will be able to reuse much more code compared to separating
> the preApply functionality across the older three functions that were
> removed. Additionally, preApply is able to convey more information for
> less work, since it can usually determine being skipped or unclipped while
> determining if the clip is a single rrect.
> As part of using this API, the attemptQuadOptimiziation and the equivalent
> rrect optimization are overhauled. Hopefully legibility is improved, and
> the rrect case is now applied outside of the android framework (but with
> tighter AA requirements).
> Bug: skia:10205
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Bug: skia:10205, 10456
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