Revert "Add target SkColorSpace to SkImage_GpuYUVA."

This reverts commit 2232b9ed3998110ed613ae01f3637d2ce7317f05.

Reason for revert: Causing crashes on some ES devices and ANGLE.

Original change's description:
> Add target SkColorSpace to SkImage_GpuYUVA.
> Bug: skia:8868
> Change-Id: I91f58bf88aec14c17ea904adca792e20099c36eb
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> Commit-Queue: Jim Van Verth <>
> Reviewed-by: Brian Osman <>,

Change-Id: I61752dbd244c0b4c25578bae08f8da40db6bb514
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Bug: skia:8668
Reviewed-by: Jim Van Verth <>
Commit-Queue: Jim Van Verth <>
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