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  1. android_compile/
  2. assets/
  3. ct/
  4. recipe_modules/
  5. recipes/
  6. tools/
  7. android_bin.isolate
  8. assets.isolate
  10. bundle_recipes.isolate
  11. calmbench.isolate
  12. cfg.json
  13. compile_skia.isolate
  14. coverage_skia.isolate
  15. ct_skps_skia.isolate
  16. gen_tasks.go
  18. housekeeper_skia.isolate
  19. infra_skia.isolate
  21. infrabots.isolate
  22. ios_bin.isolate
  23. isolate_android_sdk_linux.isolate
  24. isolate_ndk_linux.isolate
  25. isolate_skimage.isolate
  26. isolate_skp.isolate
  27. isolate_svg.isolate
  28. isolate_win_toolchain.isolate
  29. isolate_win_vulkan_sdk.isolate
  30. jobs.json
  31. Makefile
  32. meta_config.isolate
  33. OWNERS
  34. perf_skia.isolate
  35. perf_skia_bundled.isolate
  36. perf_skia_bundled_unix.isolate
  37. perf_skia_bundled_win.isolate
  38. presubmit_skia.isolate
  41. resources.isolate
  42. skia_repo.isolate
  43. skpbench_skia.isolate
  44. skpbench_skia_bundled.isolate
  45. skpbench_skia_bundled_unix.isolate
  46. skpbench_skia_bundled_win.isolate
  47. swarm_recipe.isolate
  48. swarm_recipe_bundled_unix.isolate
  49. swarm_recipe_bundled_win.isolate
  50. tasks.json
  51. test_skia.isolate
  52. test_skia_bundled.isolate
  53. test_skia_bundled_unix.isolate
  54. test_skia_bundled_win.isolate
  57. upload_coverage_results.isolate
  58. upload_dm_results.isolate
  60. upload_nano_results.isolate

Skia Infrastructure

This directory contains infrastructure elements.

Tasks and Jobs

Files in this directory define a DAG of tasks which run at every Skia commit. A task is a small, self-contained unit which runs via Swarming on a machine in the pool. Tasks may be chained together, eg. one task to compile test binaries and another to actually run them.

Jobs are collections of related tasks which help define sub-sections of the DAG, for example, to be used as try jobs. Each job is defined as an entry point into the DAG.

The tasks.json file in this directory is the master list of tasks and jobs for the repo. Note that tasks.json is NEVER edited by hand but generated via gen_task.go and the input files enumerated below. The Task Scheduler reads the tasks.json file at each commit to determine which jobs to run. For convenience, gen_tasks.go is provided to generate tasks.json and also to test it for correct syntax and detecting cycles and orphaned tasks. Always edit gen_tasks.go or one of the following input JSON files, rather than tasks.json itself:

  • android_map.json - Maps human-friendly names of Android devices to their device codename and desired OS version. Edit this file when adding a new type of Android device or updating the desired OS version.
  • cfg.json - Basic configuration information for gen_tasks.go.
  • gpu_map.json - Maps human-friendly names of GPUs to an appropriate Swarming dimension, typically the PCI ID of the GPU. Edit this file when adding a new GPU.
  • jobs.json - The master list of all jobs to run. Edit this to add or remove bots.

Whenever gen_tasks.go, any of the above JSON files, or assets are changed, you need to run gen_tasks.go to regenerate tasks.json:

$ go run infra/bots/gen_tasks.go


$ cd infra/bots; make train

There is also a test mode which performs sanity-checks and verifies that tasks.json is unchanged:

$ go run infra/bots/gen_tasks.go --test


$ cd infra/bots; make test


Recipes are the framework used by Skia's infrastructure to perform work inside of Swarming tasks. The main elements are:

  • - Used for running and testing recipes.
  • recipes - These are the entry points for each type of task, eg. compiling or running tests.
  • recipe_modules - Shared modules which are used by recipes.
  • .recipe_deps - Recipes and modules may depend on modules from other repos. The script automatically syncs those dependencies in this directory.

Isolate Files

These files determine which parts of the repository are transferred to the bot when a Swarming task is triggered. The Isolate tool hashes each file and will upload any new/changed files. Bots maintain a cache so that they can efficiently download only the files they don't have.


Artifacts used by the infrastructure are versioned here, along with scripts for recreating/uploading/downloading them. See the README in that directory for more information. Any time an asset used by the bots changes, you need to re-run gen_tasks.go.


Assorted other infrastructure-related tools, eg. isolate and CIPD binaries.


Helpers for running Skia tasks in Cluster Telemetry.