Clean up GrColorSpaceXformEffect to allow a null child FP.

Previously, GrColorSpaceXformEffect had separate Make methods; one took
a child FP, the other did not, and they had slightly different color-
transform inputs (the destination alpha type was assumed to be premul
when a child FP was provided). A null FP was considered invalid.

This has been updated to work more like other FPs. An childFP must
always be supplied, and nullptr is interpreted as "use the sk_InColor".
The destination alpha type is now always supplied. Existing call sites
were fixed up as needed.

Previously, the child-FP path would actually render the product of the
child FP and the sk_InColor. This extra multiplication step no longer
occurs; the sk_InColor is simply ignored when a child FP is used. In
practice, this did not affect any existing GM tests.

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