Roll ANGLE from 1d9b8d802eb2 to 0cde45b7cbcc (12 revisions)

2023-01-28 Metal: Lazily grab the shader lib for provoking vertex helper
2023-01-28 Include stdint.h instead of cstdint in platform.h
2023-01-28 Metal: Avoid leaking buffers for GPU access for non-discrete
2023-01-27 Tests: Add LIMBO trace
2023-01-27 Implement GL_ARM_shader_framebuffer_fetch
2023-01-27 Tests: Add Goddess Of Victory: Nikke trace
2023-01-27 Vulkan: Make RendererVk only have one CommandQueue object
2023-01-27 Add binding to DescriptorInfoDesc.
2023-01-27 FrameCapture: Update shader capture for CRLF
2023-01-27 Roll vulkan-deps from 8a9f79f08d79 to d723200bd4b5 (1 revision)
2023-01-27 Roll Chromium from 5c03f547ddf9 to fb367de4643f (549 revisions)
2023-01-27 Roll vulkan-deps from a2f348c2039f to 8a9f79f08d79 (22 revisions)

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Test: Test: LIMBO and Pokemon Masters EX traces
Test: Test: angle_trace_tests --gtest_filter="*limbo*"
Test: Test: angle_trace_tests --gtest_filter=TraceTest.goddess_of_victory_nikke
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