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  1. dawn/
  2. dng_sdk/
  3. expat/
  4. libjpeg_turbo/
  5. libpng/
  6. libwebp/
  7. perfetto/
  8. piex/
  9. vulkan_headers/
  10. vulkan_tools/
  11. vulkanmemoryallocator/
  12. wuffs/
  13. zlib/

This folder is where we put BUILD.bazel files for external (e.g. third party) dependencies.

If a dependency supports Bazel, we should use those rules, but if the dependency does not, we need to create our own rules in a subdirectory.

These BUILD.bazel files are used in WORKSPACE.bazel (e.g. new_local_repository or new_git_repository).