Roll ANGLE from 1d8227dab6f1 to 8bb7c35c2159 (12 revisions)

2022-05-12 Vulkan: Flush texture updates more often
2022-05-12 Update docs for SwANGLE triage process.
2022-05-12 Tests: Add Black Desert Mobile trace.
2022-05-12 Add extension for read-only DS feedback loops.
2022-05-12 Tests: Skip pubg_mobile_skydive on Nvidia
2022-05-12 Remove angle_util from restricted traces.
2022-05-12 Test Runner: Accept Chromium bot mode flag.
2022-05-12 Vulkan: Tag dynamic dirty bits with DYNAMIC
2022-05-12 Vulkan: Dynamic state for stencil reference
2022-05-12 Vulkan: Optimize the vkImage layout when used as GL_image
2022-05-12 Roll SwiftShader from e0a1188d7652 to f1c2c0b07281 (2 revisions)
2022-05-12 Roll Chromium from 693c7419bd5c to 65b23f3c9e05 (580 revisions)

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Cq-Include-Trybots: skia/skia.primary:Build-Debian10-Clang-x86_64-Release-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-AlphaR2-GPU-RadeonR9M470X-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-Golo-GPU-QuadroP400-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-NUC5i7RYH-GPU-IntelIris6100-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-NUC6i5SYK-GPU-IntelIris540-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-NUC8i5BEK-GPU-IntelIris655-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE;skia/skia.primary:Test-Win10-Clang-NUCD34010WYKH-GPU-IntelHD4400-x86_64-Debug-All-ANGLE
Test: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*black_desert_mobile*"
Test: Test: angle_perftests --gtest_filter="*pubg_mobile_skydive*"
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