Revert "put an arena on GrSurfaceDrawContext"

This reverts commit 5a2de5e72f24d1bfbdc532252be3dcdefa7b75a2.

Reason for revert: Upon further investigation this still leaks

Original change's description:
> put an arena on GrSurfaceDrawContext
> This is part one of two CLs. In this CL, I put a
> sk_sp<GrArenas> on GrSurfaceFillContext where GrArenas wraps
> a SkArenaAlloc to add ref counting. Creating
> a GrOpsTask shares the GrArenas with the ops task. New plumbing
> was added to GR_DRAW_OP_TEST_DEFINE to allow a proper
> GrSurfaceDrawContext to be passed to GrAtlasTextOp's
> GR_DRAW_OP_TEST_DEFINE so the arena will have a proper lifetime.
> The second CL will work on replacing GrOpsTask's fAllocators
> system with the shared arena.
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