Roll ANGLE from 183a454b9d54 to 4d3a0f602852 (29 revisions)

2020-09-16 GN: Componentize D3D format tables.
2020-09-16 Test Runner: Fix shard parameter script types.
2020-09-16 GN: Remove build/ dependency in "Null" GN file.
2020-09-15 Add feature for disabling compressed formats.
2020-09-15 Roll glslang from f8a5602c5560 to 9eaa69c21c45 (3 revisions)
2020-09-15 Android: Set angle_enable_commit_id=false in
2020-09-15 Vulkan: Support array of array image type
2020-09-15 Distinguish MSRTT renderbuffers in the front-end
2020-09-15 Vulkan: Fool proof packed attachment index to vulkan and from OpenGL
2020-09-15 Test Runner: Re-use displays when using "bot mode".
2020-09-14 Vulkan: Defer glFlush issued in middle of renderpass to endRenderpass
2020-09-14 Test Runner: Print total test execution time.
2020-09-14 GN: Componentize "Null" back-end.
2020-09-14 Add luci-go and mb to DEPS.
2020-09-14 Android: Add forceQueryable="true" to AndroidManifest.xml
2020-09-14 Samples: Move frame counter to common location.
2020-09-14 Vulkan: Use color mask to handle draw buffer disabled case
2020-09-14 Add Context::renderbufferStorageMultisampleEXT
2020-09-14 Metal: autogen for PBO related shaders.
2020-09-14 Correctly forward 'data' for capture_replay sample.
2020-09-14 Capture/Replay: Disable swap limit in sample.
2020-09-14 Samples: Enable Debug callback.
2020-09-14 Align the sample position in blitResolveStencil compute shader
2020-09-14 Roll SwiftShader from 41974f57973e to dc552fcef1fe (1 revision)
2020-09-14 Roll Vulkan-Loader from 45f2f18a69eb to 399f7fd741f7 (1 revision)
2020-09-14 Roll Vulkan-ValidationLayers from 3114c91b037b to e59713d4edda (3 revisions)
2020-09-14 Roll SPIRV-Tools from 2de7d3af0c0e to 726af6f78f80 (6 revisions)
2020-09-14 Roll glslang from 6a6e311d81dd to f8a5602c5560 (3 revisions)
2020-09-14 Roll Chromium from fe51fcb522cc to 1960f3b23408 (467 revisions)

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