[bazel] Add mirrors to every external dependency.

- We always download from https
- All external assets have a primary and a mirror URL.
- We prioritize the sources as follows:
    bazel mirror, github/original source, our mirror
- There is a way (see build_toolchain) to test the sources
  from the mirrors (done before CL submission).

This adds a utility to upload files to the mirror in a
consistent, scripted way. It includes a way to copy in
parts of our bazel files (e.g. debs_to_install from
toolchain/build_toolchain.bzl) to update many things
at once.

Our Bazel mirror (gs://skia-world-readable/bazel)
is a Content Addressable Storage system, where the
file name is based on the sha256sum of the contents
(the same hash that Bazel uses). All files in it should
be publicly accessible.

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Bug: skia:12541
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