Android: Turn on select Skia tracepoints

In b/224677119, we found that turning on *all* of Skia tracing caused
regressions. We are separately turning it off, but we do find some value
in select tracepoints. Add back in the ones we care about. The remaining
tracepoints can still be turned on manually with the sysprop.

All of these tracepoints are already traced on other platforms (e.g.
Chrome, Flutter). Convert them to TRACE_EVENT0_ALWAYS, introduced in
I13fd77445e0d2a05e46b75629b37bab5f571b02e. (A better long term solution
will be to use categories, as tracked in b/232405757.)

For GrOps, we had an Android-specific tracepoint, added in
I18ac03676da058ba4af5bd6a0c375b3f17c3c399, as well as separate
TRACE_EVENT0 tracepoints with basically the same timing and label.
Remove the Android-specific version, and make the other one
TRACE_EVENT0_ALWAYS. This removes redundant child-parent pairs.

Bug: b/231627558
Bug: b/224677119
Bug: b/232226246
Test: perfetto
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