Roll ANGLE from b06606b99291 to 9e8c929e7df9 (17 revisions)

2021-10-22 FastVector: fix stack read overrun in ensure_capacity
2021-10-22 Roll vulkan-deps from 59f9313742fc to f70ffc911963 (16 revisions)
2021-10-22 Vulkan: Use the UNDEFINED layout for ExternalPreInitialized
2021-10-21 Roll Chromium from 3601990474ad to af7960f051e8 (157 revisions)
2021-10-21 Doc: Clarify purpose of listed build options in
2021-10-21 vulkan: fix read overrun in commonDebugUtilsLabel
2021-10-21 Enable SwiftShader on Fuchsia
2021-10-21 Roll Chromium from 0d66e54fc44e to 3601990474ad (437 revisions)
2021-10-21 Add GL_ANGLE_robust_fragment_shader_output.
2021-10-21 VertexArray: on destroy, remove observer on element array buffer
2021-10-21 Roll SwiftShader from 2a86d62642ce to 6683bca5f94e (1 revision)
2021-10-21 Remove ProgramExecutable's "isCompute" property.
2021-10-21 Make "isCompute" private to ProgramExecutable.
2021-10-21 Pass command type down to ContextImpl::syncState.
2021-10-21 Capture/Replay: capture some ProgramPipeline parameters
2021-10-21 Capture/Replay: Allow capturing Gen/Delete with zero elements
2021-10-21 Capture/Replay: capture program with ActiveShaderProgram too

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