Roll ANGLE from c18972fdef08 to 388a184dd781 (14 revisions)

2023-05-25 Fix clang_format -> clang-format path in DEPS.
2023-05-25 Suppress AllocateVMAImageWhenDeviceOOM for AsyncCQ
2023-05-25 Tests: Add Infinity Ops Trace
2023-05-25 Translator: Fix SPIR-V translation without "variables" flag
2023-05-25 android_helper sets return code to 1 when test json is missing
2023-05-25 Reland "Metal: Optimized BufferSubData per device"
2023-05-25 Disable stencil write mask workaround on latest ARM
2023-05-25 Metal: Adjust iOS and macCatalyst caps
2023-05-25 Skip honkai_star_rail on Intel/windows
2023-05-25 Vulkan: Add the Sample decoration when sample shading
2023-05-25 Change clang_format path in angle.
2023-05-25 GL: Check for VAO support before syncing from external ctxs
2023-05-25 Roll vulkan-deps from 25c584aa4cec to 354eac3ca8c8 (9 revisions)
2023-05-25 Roll Chromium from 74f8527011e4 to c0f2c5cab1b4 (544 revisions)

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Test: Test: angle_trace_tests --gtest_filter=TraceTest.infinity_ops
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