Roll ANGLE from 2ed9671a0ddd to 198dc345383e (13 revisions)

2021-01-13 Support importing NV12/P010/P016 D3D textures as EGLImage
2021-01-13 Don't build angle_end2end_tests_mac_sources on iOS
2021-01-13 Allow attributes and uniforms to have the same name
2021-01-13 infra: Fix win-trace-rel bot typo.
2021-01-13 Program: Support multiple varying packings.
2021-01-13 Capture/Replay: Add DrawBuffer state to MEC
2021-01-13 Test Runner: Add a slow tests list.
2021-01-13 Remove Sleep() from PrimitivesWrittenAndGenerated test.
2021-01-13 infra: Fixes for config.
2021-01-13 Use CAS in scripts/
2021-01-13 Add configuration for trace test bots.
2021-01-13 Roll vulkan-deps from e59ae1af7571 to 50bcbaad4cbf (7 revisions)
2021-01-13 Roll Chromium from 2a7e78c75a37 to 451c64aaec04 (494 revisions)

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Test: Test: Aztec Ruins MECTest: Test: D3DTextureYUVTest*
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