Roll Skia Infra from 0d6a48911a02 to ec3221eef698 (8 revisions)

2024-06-10 49699333+dependabot[bot] Bump braces from 3.0.2 to 3.0.3 in the npm_and_yarn group across 1 directory
2024-06-10 [chromeperf] Simple Get and Set for Redis instances in skia
2024-06-10 [task driver] Fix passed-in exec context not being respected
2024-06-10 [golden] Remove max-width constraints on details page when image size is toggled
2024-06-10 Roll LUCI CIPD packages from 93a586d53955 to 8a553895fe5d (112 revisions)
2024-06-10 Roll Skia Infra CIPD packages from 8dccd812a00c to 0d6a48911a02 (15 revisions)
2024-06-10 Roll Depot Tools from 9428cf648bde to 954a8d771345 (19 revisions)
2024-06-10 Roll cpython3 CIPD packages from 2@3.11.7.chromium.31 to 2@3.11.9.chromium.35 (1 revision)

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