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* Copyright 2019 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrImageContext_DEFINED
#define GrImageContext_DEFINED
#include "GrContext_Base.h"
#include "../private/GrSingleOwner.h"
class GrImageContextPriv;
class GrProxyProvider;
class SK_API GrImageContext : public GrContext_Base {
~GrImageContext() override;
// Provides access to functions that aren't part of the public API.
GrImageContextPriv priv();
const GrImageContextPriv priv() const;
friend class GrImageContextPriv; // for hidden functions
GrImageContext(GrBackendApi, const GrContextOptions&, uint32_t contextID);
virtual void abandonContext();
bool abandoned() const;
GrProxyProvider* proxyProvider() { return fProxyProvider.get(); }
const GrProxyProvider* proxyProvider() const { return fProxyProvider.get(); }
/** This is only useful for debug purposes */
GrSingleOwner* singleOwner() const { return &fSingleOwner; }
GrImageContext* asImageContext() override { return this; }
std::unique_ptr<GrProxyProvider> fProxyProvider;
bool fAbandoned = false;
// In debug builds we guard against improper thread handling
// This guard is passed to the GrDrawingManager and, from there to all the
// GrRenderTargetContexts. It is also passed to the GrResourceProvider and SkGpuDevice.
mutable GrSingleOwner fSingleOwner;
typedef GrContext_Base INHERITED;