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This module defines the download_android_ndk repository rule.
load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")
_download_android_ndk_rule_name = "android_ndk"
def _download_android_ndk(name):
"""Downloads the Android NDK under external/android_ndk.
name: Name of the external repository. This MUST equal "android_ndk".
# The toolchain assumes that the NDK is found at /external/android_ndk, so we must enforce this
# name.
if name != _download_android_ndk_rule_name:
fail("The name of this rule MUST be \"%s\"" % _download_android_ndk_rule_name)
# Archive taken from
name = _download_android_ndk_rule_name,
urls = [
sha256 = "ad7ce5467e18d40050dc51b8e7affc3e635c85bd8c59be62de32352328ed467e",
strip_prefix = "android-ndk-r21e",
build_file = Label("//toolchain:ndk.BUILD"),
def download_toolchains(android_ndk_repository_name):
"""Downloads the toolchains needed to build this repository.
android_ndk_repository_name: Name of the external repository with the android NDK. This MUST
equal "android_ndk".
# Path to the Android NDK from the point of view of the cc_toolchain rule.
NDK_PATH = "external/%s" % _download_android_ndk_rule_name