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# SkCMS-specific configs
build:clang --action_env=CC=clang
build:clang --action_env=CXX=clang++
build:asan --copt -fsanitize=address
build:asan --linkopt -fsanitize=address
build:msan --config=clang
build:msan --copt -fsanitize=memory
build:msan --linkopt -fsanitize=memory
# This sets various variables used to stamp Docker container images.
build --workspace_status_command=bazel/
# Depending on how many machines are in the remote execution instance, setting
# this higher can make builds faster by allowing more jobs to run in parallel.
# Setting it too high can result in jobs that timeout, however, while waiting
# for a remote machine to execute them.
build:remote --jobs=50
# Set several flags related to specifying the platform, toolchain and java
# properties.
# These flags should only be used as is for the rbe-ubuntu16-04 container
# and need to be adapted to work with other toolchain containers.
#build:remote --host_java_toolchain=@bazel_tools//tools/jdk:toolchain_hostjdk8
#build:remote --java_toolchain=@bazel_tools//tools/jdk:toolchain_hostjdk8
build:remote --action_env=BAZEL_DO_NOT_DETECT_CPP_TOOLCHAIN=1
# Starting with Bazel 0.27.0 strategies do not need to be explicitly
# defined. See
build:remote --define=EXECUTOR=remote
# Enable remote execution so actions are performed on the remote systems.
build:remote --remote_executor=grpcs://
# Enforce stricter environment rules, which eliminates some non-hermetic
# behavior and therefore improves both the remote cache hit rate and the
# correctness and repeatability of the build.
build:remote --incompatible_strict_action_env=true
# Set a higher timeout value, just in case.
build:remote --remote_timeout=3600
# Use the RBE instance from the skia-rbe GCP project.
build:remote --remote_instance_name=projects/skia-rbe/instances/default_instance
# Linux RBE configuration.
build:linux-rbe --config=remote
build:linux-rbe --crosstool_top=@rbe_linux_toolchains//cc:toolchain
build:linux-rbe --extra_toolchains=@rbe_linux_toolchains//config:cc-toolchain
build:linux-rbe --extra_execution_platforms=@rbe_linux_toolchains//config:platform
build:linux-rbe --host_platform=@rbe_linux_toolchains//config:platform
build:linux-rbe --platforms=@rbe_linux_toolchains//config:platform