ICU-20470 skip data/ regen for source tarball

- If icu/source/data/locales/root.txt missing, skip
  python generation.
- Also, create build directories properly as needed
- Also includes noise changes to configure
  (configure was probably generated using unreleased
   autoconf 2.70 or 2.69 + patches)
- eac8f4b31ab7395abb3a216aa17bafe7af6314ed did not
  regen configure properly, so BUILDTOOL_OPTS is now
3 files changed
tree: bf1912dbeaf3fa78629c8f8e31498bb4748439fa
  1. .ci-builds/
  2. .github/
  3. icu4c/
  4. icu4j/
  5. tools/
  6. vendor/
  7. .appveyor.yml
  8. .cpyskip.txt
  9. .gitattributes
  10. .gitignore
  11. .travis.yml

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