ICU-20568 getPreferencesFor() and getUnitCategory()

UnitPreferences class in unitsdata.cpp
Commit: 24494d985e1eeb60e5daa450e26f7f0c3437a246

Add getUnitCategory()
Commit: d406b915c4985e541b0d4cd8c324bcfdb0b7f194

Support usage component dropping, and more
Commit: 6b14d7f1a0fa16fc6f80ca4fc87f17a8c687cb28

Add six more unit tests for getPreferencesFor.
Commit: 5e4f8d4fe490ab82682ba233e0e6d38e8bf570a0

Change getPreferencesFor parameters from char* to StringPiece.
Commit: a7ca496f9e60ad22dc9526259873b6f2bf52dd86
6 files changed
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