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  1. char.txt
  2. line.txt
  3. line_cj.txt
  4. line_loose.txt
  5. line_loose_cj.txt
  6. line_loose_phrase_cj.txt
  7. line_normal.txt
  8. line_normal_cj.txt
  9. line_normal_phrase_cj.txt
  10. line_phrase_cj.txt
  12. sent.txt
  13. sent_el.txt
  14. title.txt
  15. word.txt
  16. word_POSIX.txt

Break Iterator Rule Source Data

This directory contains rule based break iterator rule files, one set per file.

The set of rules to be included for each locale is defined in the parent directory, icu/icu4c/source/data/brkitr. Most locales fall back to root rules, which are from char.txt, word.txt, line.txt and sent.txt for, respectively, grapheme cluster, word, line and sentence breaks.