ICU-21283 Fix Java for calendar bugs

This is the java port of ICU-21043 (for C++)
This PR fixes
ICU-21043 Erroneous date display in indian calendar of all dates prior to 0001-01-01.
ICU-21044 Hebrew Calendar calculation is incorrect when the year < 1
ICU-21045 Erroneous date display in islamic and islamic-rgsa calendars of all dates prior to 0622-07-18.
ICU-21046 Erroneous date display in islamic-umalqura calendar of all dates prior to -195366-07-23.

The problem in the IndianCalendarl is
ICU-21043 the gregorian/julain convesion is wrong. Swith to use the
calculation function in the Calendar class.

The problem in the HebrewCalendar is
ICU-21044 the use of bulit in / is wrong when the year or month could be < 1.

The problem in the IslamicCalendar is

ICU-21045: The math of % negative number for year and month is wrong.
Also add tests to exhaust test 8000 years for all calendar. In quick
mode, only test 2.5 years.

reduce the number of date in quick mode
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