ICU-21323 Automates the uconfig variation BRS tasks. The test
subsequently sets each of the UCONFIG_NO_XXX flags to '1' (exceptions apply)
and runs the ICU4C unit tests and the header test. Afterwards all
UCONFIG_NO_XXX flags are set to '1' and unit tests and header test
are executed.

To allow concurrent execution and reduce total run time, the script provides
the option to execute only the unit tests or only the header test.

ICU-21323 Split the uconfig.h variation test into two to reduce
execution time. One test now tests the variations with unit tests, the
other tests with header test.
Execution time now ranges between 45 and 58 minutes.

ICU-21323 Works in review comments.

ICU-21323 Factors in more review comments.
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