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#include "rive/math/aabb.hpp"
#include "rive/span.hpp"
namespace rive {
class Factory;
class FileAssetResolver;
class Renderer;
class ArtboardInstance;
class File;
class LinearAnimationInstance;
class StateMachineInstance;
class SMIInput;
class SMIBool;
class SMINumber;
class SMITrigger;
class Playable {
std::unique_ptr<File> m_File;
std::unique_ptr<ArtboardInstance> m_ABI;
std::unique_ptr<LinearAnimationInstance> m_LAI;
std::unique_ptr<StateMachineInstance> m_SMI;
static std::unique_ptr<Playable> import(Span<const uint8_t>,
FileAssetResolver* = nullptr);
static std::unique_ptr<Playable>
animationAt(File*, size_t artboardIndex, size_t animationIndex);
static std::unique_ptr<Playable>
stateMachineAt(File*, size_t artboardIndex, size_t machineIndex);
AABB bounds() const;
// returns -1 for continuous
float durationSeconds() const;
// returns true if draw() should be called
bool advance(float elapsedSeconds);
void draw(Renderer*);
enum class PointerState {
kDown, // pointer changed from 'up' to 'down'
kUp, // pointer changed from 'down' to 'up'
kMoved, // pointer position changed
void pointerEvent(Vec2D, PointerState);
size_t inputCount() const;
SMIInput* inputAt(size_t index) const;
SMIBool* boolNamed(const std::string&) const;
SMINumber* numberNamed(const std::string&) const;
SMITrigger* triggerNamed(const std::string&) const;
} // namespace rive