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#include "rive/tess/segmented_contour.hpp"
#include "rive/math/raw_path.hpp"
#include "rive/math/cubic_utilities.hpp"
using namespace rive;
SegmentedContour::SegmentedContour(float threshold) :
m_thresholdSquared(threshold * threshold) {}
float SegmentedContour::threshold() const { return m_threshold; }
void SegmentedContour::threshold(float value) {
m_threshold = value;
m_thresholdSquared = value * value;
const AABB& SegmentedContour::bounds() const { return m_bounds; }
void SegmentedContour::addVertex(Vec2D vertex) {
AABB::expandTo(m_bounds, vertex);
const std::size_t SegmentedContour::contourSize() const { return m_contourPoints.size(); }
const Span<const Vec2D> SegmentedContour::contourPoints(uint32_t endOffset) const {
assert(endOffset <= m_contourPoints.size());
return Span<const Vec2D>(, m_contourPoints.size() - endOffset);
void SegmentedContour::segmentCubic(const Vec2D& from,
const Vec2D& fromOut,
const Vec2D& toIn,
const Vec2D& to,
float t1,
float t2) {
if (CubicUtilities::shouldSplitCubic(from, fromOut, toIn, to, m_threshold)) {
float halfT = (t1 + t2) / 2.0f;
Vec2D hull[6];
CubicUtilities::computeHull(from, fromOut, toIn, to, 0.5f, hull);
segmentCubic(from, hull[0], hull[3], hull[5], t1, halfT);
segmentCubic(hull[5], hull[4], hull[2], to, halfT, t2);
} else {
if (Vec2D::distanceSquared(from, to) > m_thresholdSquared) {
addVertex(Vec2D(CubicUtilities::cubicAt(t2, from.x, fromOut.x, toIn.x, to.x),
CubicUtilities::cubicAt(t2, from.y, fromOut.y, toIn.y, to.y)));
void SegmentedContour::contour(const RawPath& rawPath, const Mat2D& transform) {
// Possible perf consideration: could add second path that doesn't transform
// if transform is the identity.
for (const auto [verb, pts] : rawPath) {
switch (verb) {
case PathVerb::move: addVertex(transform * pts[0]); break;
case PathVerb::line: addVertex(transform * pts[1]); break;
case PathVerb::cubic:
segmentCubic(transform * pts[0],
transform * pts[1],
transform * pts[2],
transform * pts[3],
case PathVerb::close: break;
case PathVerb::quad:
// TODO: not currently used by render paths, however might be
// necessary for fonts.