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* Copyright 2022 Rive
#ifndef _RIVE_UTF_HPP_
#define _RIVE_UTF_HPP_
#include "rive/render_text.hpp"
namespace rive {
class UTF {
// returns the number of bytes needed in this sequence
// For ascii, this will return 1
static int CountUTF8Length(const uint8_t utf8[]);
// Return the unichar pointed to by the utf8 pointer, and then
// update the pointer to point to the next sequence.
static Unichar NextUTF8(const uint8_t** utf8Ptr);
// Convert the unichar into (1 or 2) utf16 values, and return
// the number of values.
static int ToUTF16(Unichar uni, uint16_t utf16[]);
} // namespace rive