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#ifndef _RIVE_MESH_HPP_
#define _RIVE_MESH_HPP_
#include "rive/generated/shapes/mesh_base.hpp"
#include "rive/bones/skinnable.hpp"
#include "rive/span.hpp"
#include "rive/refcnt.hpp"
#include "rive/renderer.hpp"
namespace rive {
class MeshVertex;
class Mesh : public MeshBase, public Skinnable {
class IndexBuffer : public std::vector<uint16_t>, public RefCnt<IndexBuffer> {};
std::vector<MeshVertex*> m_Vertices;
rcp<IndexBuffer> m_IndexBuffer;
rcp<RenderBuffer> m_IndexRenderBuffer;
rcp<RenderBuffer> m_VertexRenderBuffer;
rcp<RenderBuffer> m_UVRenderBuffer;
StatusCode onAddedDirty(CoreContext* context) override;
StatusCode onAddedClean(CoreContext* context) override;
void markDrawableDirty();
void addVertex(MeshVertex* vertex);
void decodeTriangleIndexBytes(Span<const uint8_t> value) override;
void copyTriangleIndexBytes(const MeshBase& object) override;
void buildDependencies() override;
void update(ComponentDirt value) override;
void draw(Renderer* renderer, const RenderImage* image, BlendMode blendMode, float opacity);
void updateVertexRenderBuffer(Renderer* renderer);
void markSkinDirty() override;
Core* clone() const override;
/// Initialize the any buffers that will be shared amongst instances (the
/// instance are guaranteed to use the same RenderImage).
void initializeSharedBuffers(RenderImage* renderImage);
#ifdef TESTING
std::vector<MeshVertex*>& vertices() { return m_Vertices; }
rcp<IndexBuffer> indices() { return m_IndexBuffer; }
} // namespace rive