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* Copyright 2022 Rive
#include "rive/factory.hpp"
#include "rive/render_text.hpp"
struct hb_font_t;
struct hb_draw_funcs_t;
class HBRenderFont : public rive::RenderFont {
hb_draw_funcs_t* m_DrawFuncs;
hb_font_t* m_Font;
// We assume ownership of font!
HBRenderFont(hb_font_t* font);
~HBRenderFont() override;
std::vector<Axis> getAxes() const override;
std::vector<Coord> getCoords() const override;
rive::rcp<rive::RenderFont> makeAtCoords(rive::Span<const Coord>) const override;
rive::RawPath getPath(rive::GlyphID) const override;
onShapeText(rive::Span<const rive::Unichar>,
rive::Span<const rive::RenderTextRun>) const override;
static rive::rcp<rive::RenderFont> Decode(rive::Span<const uint8_t>);
// If the platform can supply fallback font(s), set this function pointer.
// It will be called with a span of unichars, and the platform attempts to
// return a font that can draw (at least some of) them. If no font is available
// just return nullptr.
using FallbackProc = rive::rcp<rive::RenderFont> (*)(rive::Span<const rive::Unichar>);
static FallbackProc gFallbackProc;