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  1. build_win32.bat
  2. example_sdl_sdlrenderer.vcxproj
  3. example_sdl_sdlrenderer.vcxproj.filters
  4. main.cpp
  5. Makefile

How to Build

  • On Windows with Visual Studio's CLI
set SDL2_DIR=path_to_your_sdl2_folder
cl /Zi /MD /I.. /I..\.. /I%SDL2_DIR%\include main.cpp ..\..\backends\imgui_impl_sdl.cpp ..\..\backends\imgui_impl_sdlrenderer.cpp ..\..\imgui*.cpp /FeDebug/example_sdl_sdlrenderer.exe /FoDebug/ /link /libpath:%SDL2_DIR%\lib\x86 SDL2.lib SDL2main.lib /subsystem:console
#          ^^ include paths                  ^^ source files                                                                                        ^^ output exe                        ^^ output dir  ^^ libraries
# or for 64-bit:
cl /Zi /MD /I.. /I..\.. /I%SDL2_DIR%\include main.cpp ..\..\backends\imgui_impl_sdl.cpp ..\..\backends\imgui_impl_sdlrenderer.cpp ..\..\imgui*.cpp /FeDebug/example_sdl_sdlrenderer.exe /FoDebug/ /link /libpath:%SDL2_DIR%\lib\x64 SDL2.lib SDL2main.lib /subsystem:console
  • On Linux and similar Unixes
c++ `sdl2-config --cflags` -I .. -I ../.. main.cpp ../../backends/imgui_impl_sdl.cpp ../../backends/imgui_impl_sdlrenderer.cpp ../../imgui*.cpp `sdl2-config --libs` -lGL
  • On Mac OS X
brew install sdl2
c++ `sdl2-config --cflags` -I .. -I ../.. main.cpp ../../backends/imgui_impl_sdl.cpp ../../backends/imgui_impl_sdlrenderer.cpp ../../imgui*.cpp `sdl2-config --libs` -framework OpenGl