ImDrawData: Added FramebufferScale field (currently a copy of the value from io.DisplayFramebufferScale).
This is to allow render functions being written without pulling any data from ImGuiIO, allowing incoming multi-viewport feature to behave on Retina display and with multiple displays. If you are not using a custom binding, please update your render function code ahead of time, and use draw_data->FramebufferScale instead of io.DisplayFramebufferScale. (#2306, #1676)
Examples: Metal, OpenGL2, OpenGL3: Fixed offsetting of clipping rectangle with ImDrawData::DisplayPos != (0,0) when the display frame-buffer scale scale is not (1,1). While this doesn't make a difference when using master branch, this is effectively fixing support for multi-viewport with Mac Retina Displays on those examples. (#2306) Also using ImDrawData::FramebufferScale instead of io.DisplayFramebufferScale.
Examples: Clarified the use the ImDrawData::DisplayPos to offset clipping rectangles.
15 files changed