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How to Build

How to Run

To run on a local machine:

  • Make sure your browse supports WGPU and it is enabled. WGPU is still WIP not enabled by default in most browser.
  • make serve will use Python3 to spawn a local webserver, you can then browse http://localhost:8000 to access your build.
  • Otherwise, generally you will need a local webserver:
    • Quoting
      “Unfortunately several browsers (including Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer) do not support file:// XHR requests, and can’t load extra files needed by the HTML (like a .wasm file, or packaged file data as mentioned lower down). For these browsers you’ll need to serve the files using a local webserver and then open http://localhost:8000/hello.html.”
    • Emscripten SDK has a handy emrun command: emrun web/example_emscripten_opengl3.html --browser firefox which will spawn a temporary local webserver (in Firefox). See for details.
    • You may use Python 3 builtin webserver: python -m http.server -d web (this is what make serve uses).
    • You may use Python 2 builtin webserver: cd web && python -m SimpleHTTPServer.
    • If you are accessing the files over a network, certain browsers, such as Firefox, will restrict Gamepad API access to secure contexts only (e.g. https only).