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# $Id: makefile,v 1.37 1997/07/01 19:32:41 roberto Exp roberto $
# define (undefine) POPEN if your system (does not) support piped I/O
# define (undefine) _POSIX_SOURCE if your system is (not) POSIX compliant
# define (undefine) OLD_ANSI if your system does NOT have some new ANSI
# facilities ("strerror" and "locale.h"). Although they are ANSI,
# SunOS does not comply; so, add "-DOLD_ANSI" on SunOS
# define LUA_COMPAT2_5=0 if yous system does not need to be compatible with
# version 2.5 (or older)
# Compilation parameters
CC = gcc
CWARNS = -Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wshadow -pedantic -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Waggregate-return
CFLAGS = $(CONFIG) $(CWARNS) -ansi -O2
#CC = acc
#CFLAGS = -fast -I/usr/5include
AR = ar
# Aplication modules
parser.o \
lex.o \
opcode.o \
hash.o \
table.o \
inout.o \
tree.o \
fallback.o \
luamem.o \
func.o \
undump.o \
auxlib.o \
iolib.o \
mathlib.o \
lua : lua.o liblua.a liblualib.a
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $@ lua.o -L. -llua -llualib -lm
liblua.a : $(LUAOBJS)
$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $?
ranlib $@
liblualib.a : $(LIBOBJS)
$(AR) $(ARFLAGS) $@ $?
ranlib $@ : lua.o
ld -o $(LUAOBJS) : lua.stx
yacc -d lua.stx
parser.c :
sed -e 's/yy/luaY_/g' -e 's/malloc\.h/stdlib\.h/g' > parser.c
parser.h :
sed -e 's/yy/luaY_/g' > parser.h
clear :
rm -f *.o
rm -f parser.c parser.h
co lua.h lualib.h luadebug.h
%.h : RCS/%.h,v
co $@
%.c : RCS/%.c,v
co $@
auxlib.o: auxlib.c lua.h auxlib.h luadebug.h
fallback.o: fallback.c auxlib.h lua.h luamem.h fallback.h opcode.h \
types.h tree.h func.h table.h hash.h
func.o: func.c luadebug.h lua.h table.h tree.h types.h opcode.h func.h \
luamem.h inout.h
hash.o: hash.c luamem.h opcode.h lua.h types.h tree.h func.h hash.h \
table.h auxlib.h
inout.o: inout.c auxlib.h lua.h fallback.h opcode.h types.h tree.h \
func.h hash.h inout.h lex.h zio.h luamem.h table.h undump.h
iolib.o: iolib.c lualoc.h lua.h auxlib.h luadebug.h lualib.h
lex.o: lex.c auxlib.h lua.h luamem.h tree.h types.h table.h opcode.h \
func.h lex.h zio.h inout.h luadebug.h parser.h
lua.o: lua.c lualoc.h luadebug.h lua.h auxlib.h lualib.h
luamem.o: luamem.c luamem.h lua.h
mathlib.o: mathlib.c lualib.h lua.h auxlib.h
opcode.o: opcode.c lualoc.h luadebug.h lua.h luamem.h opcode.h types.h \
tree.h func.h hash.h inout.h table.h fallback.h auxlib.h lex.h zio.h
parser.o: parser.c luadebug.h lua.h luamem.h lex.h zio.h opcode.h \
types.h tree.h func.h hash.h inout.h table.h
strlib.o: strlib.c lua.h auxlib.h lualib.h
table.o: table.c luamem.h auxlib.h lua.h func.h types.h tree.h \
opcode.h hash.h table.h inout.h fallback.h luadebug.h
tree.o: tree.c luamem.h lua.h tree.h types.h lex.h zio.h hash.h \
opcode.h func.h table.h fallback.h
undump.o: undump.c auxlib.h lua.h opcode.h types.h tree.h func.h \
luamem.h table.h undump.h zio.h
zio.o: zio.c zio.h