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** $Id: lstring.h $
** String table (keep all strings handled by Lua)
** See Copyright Notice in lua.h
#ifndef lstring_h
#define lstring_h
#include "lgc.h"
#include "lobject.h"
#include "lstate.h"
** Memory-allocation error message must be preallocated (it cannot
** be created after memory is exhausted)
#define MEMERRMSG "not enough memory"
** Size of a TString: Size of the header plus space for the string
** itself (including final '\0').
#define sizelstring(l) (offsetof(TString, contents) + ((l) + 1) * sizeof(char))
#define luaS_newliteral(L, s) (luaS_newlstr(L, "" s, \
** test whether a string is a reserved word
#define isreserved(s) ((s)->tt == LUA_VSHRSTR && (s)->extra > 0)
** equality for short strings, which are always internalized
#define eqshrstr(a,b) check_exp((a)->tt == LUA_VSHRSTR, (a) == (b))
LUAI_FUNC unsigned int luaS_hash (const char *str, size_t l,
unsigned int seed, size_t step);
LUAI_FUNC unsigned int luaS_hashlongstr (TString *ts);
LUAI_FUNC int luaS_eqlngstr (TString *a, TString *b);
LUAI_FUNC void luaS_resize (lua_State *L, int newsize);
LUAI_FUNC void luaS_clearcache (global_State *g);
LUAI_FUNC void luaS_init (lua_State *L);
LUAI_FUNC void luaS_remove (lua_State *L, TString *ts);
LUAI_FUNC Udata *luaS_newudata (lua_State *L, size_t s, int nuvalue);
LUAI_FUNC TString *luaS_newlstr (lua_State *L, const char *str, size_t l);
LUAI_FUNC TString *luaS_new (lua_State *L, const char *str);
LUAI_FUNC TString *luaS_createlngstrobj (lua_State *L, size_t l);